This is the ideal helmet for Professional Video man who wants everything on top !

The extraordinary fit gives incredible stability on the head.

Shell : carbon fiber composite - Inner liners : eva & anti-allergic fabric - Top platform : carbon fiber composite

Comes with 2 platforms.

weight : 980 gr.

TF Camera Mount System allows to quickly

connect and disconnect any device with one

easy movement.

Carbon Fiber Composite

Platform:  13,5cm x 20cm

Optional big platform: 17,5cm x 21cm

4,5 mm thickness

Various brackets and mounts for different set ups. You can see them all in our Configurator or Accessories page.

Cut away System available.


Shell:  Navy Blue - Matt

ChinCup:  Silver - Glossy + Cutaway System

Ratchet Straps:  Hard - Black

Ext. Audible Port:  Black - Right side

TF Pro Mount 1:  Yes 

TF Pro Mount 2:  Yes

Standard Logo Colors:  Aluminium & White

Camera Mount:  Photo Camera Base Plate & Antitwist Pin


Shell:   Silver - Glossy

ChinCup:  Navy Blue - Matt + Cutaway System

Ratchet Straps:  Hard - Black

TF Pro Mount 1:    No 

TF Pro Mount 2:  No

Standard Logo Colors:  Navy Blue & White

External Audible Ports are available in different colors.

CC2 - $575 (Includes Cut-Away System)
Head Size   

Cut-Away System - NOW INCLUDED

TF Plus Cut-Away System

Helmet Color   Color Finish   

Chin Cup

How many Converter Mount 

Installation is $25 Per mount

To choose more than one, press CTRL

Please note

Please note




More Info Click Here

A special graphic cost $50 additional on the regular helmet price.

Special Helmet Graphic    


Video Camera Indicator Lights   

  HypEye D Pro

Installation is $10

Still Camera Base Plate   

Installation to link is $15

Stereo Switch

Camera Shutter Release   

Installation is $10

Digital Switch

Ring Sight    

Installation is $10

Ring Sight

Ring Sight

Removable articulating bracket,
with ring sight and swivel clamp.

Audible ports are available on both sides at $40/ea. Please choose your option. You can have one on each side if you would like.
** Only the Optima II, Solo II & Quattro fit in external audible ports **

Please choose the color for right side port

Please choose the color for the left side port

Purchase Audible for Right Side   

Purchase Audible for Left Side   

Camera Screws Needed ($5/each)

  08mm                          12mm                         15mm

           Used for Antitwist Link             Used for CX110-150 Camera Box          Used for CX100 Camera Box

3-5 Week Rush - Helmet made in one to two weeks and shipped with standard shipments

2-3 Week Rush - Helmet made in one to two weeks and shipped FedEx directly to you.

Personal Info

Full Name
Street Address
Town     State    Zip
Email     Phone
Extra instructions or comments
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