This is the ideal helmet for the Professional Video man who wants the possibility to mount equipment on top and on the side.

Carbon fiber composite shell. 

Adjustable chin cup angle. Cut away System available.  Double audibles room on the right side.

weight : 745 gr


You can have this helmet with or without TF Pro Mount.


The double TF Pro Mount System, allows you a multitude Photo-Video setups.

 The two flat sections, left side and top, are reinforced.

Different camera mounts and brackets for different needs.  Check our configurator or accessories page.


 Shell:  Royal Blue - Glossy

ChinCup:  Royal Blue - Glossy + Cutaway System

Ratchet Straps:  Hard - Black

  TF Pro Mount on Top:  No

 TF Pro Mount on Side:  No

Standard Logo Colors:  Green & White


Shell:  Lime Green - Matt

ChinCup:  Lime Green - Matt + Cutaway System

Ratchet Straps:  Hard - Black

  TF Pro Mount on Top:  Yes

 TF Pro Mount on Side:  Yes

Standard Logo Colors:  Brillant Blue & White

Camera Mount:  Photo Camera Base Plate

Video Camera Box and Video Camera C Bracket can be placed on top or on the side.

Head Size   

Please choose your
CC1 Model


Cut-Away System   

TF Plus Cut-Away System

Helmet Color   Color Finish   

Chin Cup  

Video Camera Box       Camera Box Color   


If your model of camcorder doesn't appear in the camera selection, let us know and we will accommodate you.
Installation is $15 per link

Converter Mount Attachment    

Other devices that attach to the top of the Converter Mount     

Anti-twist Link

Anti-twist Base

Camera Condom

Video Camera HD Wide Angle Lenses    

Raynox HD-3035PRO                                                                                           Raynox HD-5050PRO
Semi-Fisheye                                                                                                           Super Wide Angle
Conversion Lens                                                                                          Conversion Lens
(0.3x, 37mm or 30mm)                                                                                (0.5x, 37mm or 30mm)
*** Free Metal Step Ring with order ***

Video Camera Indicator Lights   

HypEye D Pro

Installation is $10

Still Camera Base Plate     

Please state

3rd Converter Link   

Installation is $15

You will need a 3rd link if you have two links attached to video camera box

Stereo Switch

Camera Shutter Release   

Installation is $10

Digital Switch

Ring Sight    
Installation is $10

Ring Sight

Ring Sight

Removable articulating bracket,
with ring sight and swivel clamp.


Camera Screws Needed ($5/each)

  08mm                          12mm                         15mm

           Used for Antitwist Link             Used for CX110-150 Camera Box          Used for CX100 Camera Box 

3-5 Week Rush - Helmet made in one to two weeks and shipped with standard shipments

2-3 Week Rush - Helmet made in one to two weeks and shipped FedEx directly to you.

Personal Info

Full Name
Street Address
Town     State    Zip
Email     Phone
Extra instructions or comments
Which sponsored athlete influenced your decision?   

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