Bulit in the same way as the UNO.618, with same fabric.

The short sleeves keep you fresh in the hot weather and give you a great feeling with the air. Long legs allow you to have a wide power and speed range.

Fabrics: three types of cordura (180,500,1000), Orion Speed, Diamant elastic.

Comes with two inside pockets.

Light padded knees.

Diamant elastic to bend the leg with no restriction.


This specific uno.618s is built with:

Arms: Orion Speed - Red & Black

Chest and Thighs:  Orion Speed - Dark Grey

   Thighs: Cordura 180 - Black

Legs: Cordura 180 - Black

Elastic:  Diamant - Black & Deep Red

Zipper: Windproof YKK - Black

Special Design:   New Factory


ORION SPEED: 59% PA - 41% PU  Wind Repellent - Light Weight
CORDURA 180: 100% PA  Breathable - Light Weight
CORDURA 500: 100% PA  Not Breathable - Medium Weight
CORDURA 1000: 100% PA  Not Breathable - Heavy Weight
DIAMANT ELASTIC: 45%PES - 38%PA - 3%EA - 14%PU  Wind Repellent - Breathable - 4way Stretch - Light Weight
NET: 100% PA  Breathable - Light Weight

Tonfly Configurator

With our Configurator you can fully build your suit, choosing fabrics, colors, logos, options, measurements and save it, then buy it.



We will instruct you on the process of coloring a suit and ordering it.


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