Specially designed for tunnel flying but also great for the sky.

The ergonomic cut allows you to move freely even with the minimum amount of elastic and a tight fit. 

The ergonomic crotch keeps the suit in place all the time.

Great power and easy to fly.


We can make any embroidery, you can also choose a Special Design or have a Custom Design.


The "cone" collar doesn't let the wind to go inside. 

Made with cordura 180/500 and Diamant elastic.

Finely built.

This specific uno.630 is built with:

Arms: Cordura 180 - Yellow

Forearms:  Cordura 180 - Black

Shouders & Sides:  Cordura 180 - Black

Chest and Back:  Cordura 180 - Black 

Thighs and Legs: Cordura 180 - Black

Elbows and Knees: Cordura 500 - Yellow

Crotch: Diamant Elastic - Option

Elastic:  Diamant - Black

Zipper: Windproof YKK - Black

Special Design:   New Factory

CORDURA 180: 100% PA  Breathable - Light Weight
CORDURA 500: 100% PA  Not Breathable - Medium Weight
DIAMANT ELASTIC: 45%PES - 38%PA - 3%EA - 14%PU  Wind Repellent - Breathable - 4way Stretch - Light Weight
NET: 100% PA  Breathable - Light Weight

Tonfly Configurator

With our Configurator you can fully build your suit, choosing fabrics, colors, logos, options, measurements.



We will instruct you on the process of coloring a suit and ordering it.

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